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A Term life insurance quote or a Whole life insurance quote? 

When faced with the need to buy life insurance, there are many choices to be made.  To better understand the differences, obtain a term life insurance quote and a whole life insurance quote.  Each type has its special purposes and benefits.

A Term life insurance quote may be what you need if you are looking for protection for a predetermined amount of time.  Term life insurance rates usually give you the best short term value.  Rates are low and coverage levels can be high.

A Whole life insurance quote may be more appropriate if you are looking to build an insurance benefit throughout your lifetime.  Whole life insurance is much more expensive than Term life insurance.  One reason is that you are building up "cash value" within the policy from which you can borrow, if necessary.

Get a life insurance quote from several different companies.  Only then can you be sure of getting the best rate possible.

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Get $100,000 in Term Life Insurance for less than 25 cents a day, guaranteed for 15 years. According to Kiplinger's Personal Financial magazine, there's no better bargain than term life insurance. Dollar for dollar, it's probably the cheapest insurance you can buy. And you can buy right now, online, in a matter of seconds. Free instant online quote.

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